Ask McFartnuggets: “Shouldn’t The Ribbon For Prostate Cancer Be Brown?”

A foam finger is really all you
need to help raise awareness
for Prostate Cancer.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
The awareness ribbon for Prostate Cancer is blue, but shouldn’t it really be brown? -- Megan from West Virginia

Dear Megan:
Oh you mean brown like poopoo for when a man gets a doctor’s finger up his bumhole? Oh that’s very funny. Even if they wanted to make the ribbon for Prostate Cancer brown, brown is already taken by Colorectal Cancer. I think even you’ll agree that’s a little more worthy of a brown ribbon than PC. The ribbon for Prostate Cancer is a light blue because it’s basically the male equivalent of Breast Cancer even though men can get Breast Cancer too. Since Breast Cancer has a light pink ribbon it makes sense for Prostate Cancer to be light blue. I know it’s weird to link these adult cancers with baby colors, but hey, no one said ribbon colors had to make sense.

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