Dumbass Saying: “W.A.S.P.”

The acronym WASP is generally used to mean White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It would be a racist term if it was possible to be racist against White people. The problem I have with this acronym is it’s entirely redundant. “WHITE Anglo Saxon Protestant”? Are there many Black Anglo Saxon Protestants? Anglo Saxon essentially means White. That’s what Anglo Saxon people are. They’re descendant from Britain in the 5th century. Not too many Hispanic, Black, Asian, Hindus, or Pacific Islanders hailed from Germanic tribes from Continental Europe. There’s only one type of Anglo Saxon people so you don’t need to throw in the White part. That’s like calling the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of African American Colored People or NAAAACP. It’s completely unnecessary. People just like saying WASP because it’s a fun word. ASP isn’t as much fun to say even though an asp is a venomous snake that is even more dangerous than a wasp. And what does the Protestant part really have to do with anything? When people refer to WASPS it’s in reference to rich old white people. It doesn’t matter what denomination of Christianity they are. Mitt Romney is one of the WASPiest people on Earth and he’s a Mormon. The real saying should be Anglo Saxon Christian but ASC just isn’t as catchy enough so they added unnecessary words to spell out a stingy bug.

WASP or ASP, either way there's venom involved.

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