Dumbass Sayings: “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You”

There’s that famous song that goes “You’re nobody til somebody loves you” and I have no idea why people accept this notion. It’s a nice song, but this premise that you’re no one until someone loves you is completely ridiculous. First off, most people are loved as soon as they’re born. Even if they’re abandoned, they’re usually loved for at least a second before the mother realizes she can’t afford to care for the baby and puts them in a garbage can. They are someone which is why it’s wrong to leave them in a dumpster. Now if for some reason a baby isn’t loved by its mother then that’s truly messed up. That kid must feel bad enough without having Dean Martin tell them they’re a “nobody.”

The other thing that’s wrong about this saying is since nearly everyone is loved by someone then that’s nothing to brag about. Why even bother singing about it? It’s no accomplishment. It’s not true. You’re not someone just because someone loves you. It takes a little bit more than that to be a notable person in society. I think a better indicator of if you’re somebody is if you’re being impersonated by others. Not everyone has imitators, but if people are giving up their own lives to try and be you then that must mean you’re someone special. Impersonators don’t necessarily love you either, sometimes they just want your life, because you’re somebody.

I wonder what Plato would have thought about this philosophical proposition.

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