Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do They Keep Naming Movies After The Main Characters?”

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film "Steve Williams."
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Keanu Reeves is in a new movie called “John Wick” which seems a lot like the Tom Cruise movie “Jack Reacher” which was a little like that movie “John Carter.” Why does Hollywood keep naming movies after the main character? It’s okay if it’s just one name like “Lincoln” or “Gandhi” or “Ted” but something seems weird about a movie title being a person’s name. Will this ever stop? -- Leonore from San Antonio, Texas

Dear Leonore:
Sadly, no this will not stop. In fact, it will only become more frequent. The reason you see more movies named after main characters is because there are only so many things you can name a movie. The major movie producers put out an average of 200 films a year and they all have to have unique titles to avoid lawsuits. Naturally as more and more movies are made, the number of available titles gets smaller and smaller. At that point it becomes far easier to just name the movie after the main character. There could come a time when everyone in America has a movie named after them. That should be interesting.

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