Dumbass Sayings: “The 12th Man”

Fans in attendance at NFL games are known as “The 12th man.” They’re patronized as an extra player on their home team, but there are a few problems with this term. First off, there are a lot of female fans at games which means the 12th man has a lot of vaginas. I don’t know why a female fan would want to be considered a part of a giant collective human mass that is characterized as a “man.” They can’t call fans “The 12th Player” because they’re not actually playing, which leads me to my next point. Fans really don’t have that much of an impact on the game. Sure home fans can make a lot of noise when the away team is calling plays on offense, but that’s a negligible advantage for the home team. The way you can tell the fans don’t matter is they’re never held accountable after a loss. You might have players credit the home fans with helping them win due to the noise and enthusiasm, but you will NEVER hear a player or coach blame the fans for a loss. That’s because they just don’t have that much impact on the actual game. If they did then they’d be fair game to blame for a team’s struggles. If you’re really a 12th man, take some damn responsibility for your team’s losses once in awhile, don’t throw your teammates under the bus every single time.

I don't think the 12th man should be eating that much before a game.

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