Dumbass Sayings: “Lather, Rinse and Repeat”

On your bottle of shampoo there’s a good chance you’ll see the phrase “Lather, rinse and repeat” in the instructions. The problem I have with this phrase “Lather, rinse and repeat” is if you literally followed these instructions you would waste entire bottles of shampoo for a single shower and never be done washing your hair. They need to be a little more specific and say “Lather and rinse, ONE MORE TIME or even two times MAX.” How about “Lather, rinse, and repeat, and rinse”? You can’t just lather rinse and repeat and lather rinse and repeat and lather rinse and repeat and lather rinse and repeat and lather rinse and repeat and lather rinse and repeat. You might be thinking “Why would people need that extra information? Isn’t it common sense to just lather, rinse, and repeat once more and then exit the shower?” It should be, but then again it’s in the instructions on a shampoo bottle. The INSTRUCTIONS ON A SHAMPOO BOTTLE. Clearly shampoo companies think people are dumb enough to require written steps for their product so why treat people like morons only to a point? If you’re going to condescend to people like that then just go the extra step and treat them like a complete idiot. You’ve already insulted my intelligence, the damage is done. Now the least we can do is keep people from clogging their drains with Head and Shoulders. Of course I’m sure that’s all part of the shampoo companies scheme to sell more product. I’m onto you, Big Shampoo. You better wash your ass, err-- WATCH your ass.

Maybe some people do need instructions on how to use shampoo. You're doing it wrong, ma'am!

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