The Top 5 Worst Jobs For Women

For some reason having this stuff
in your pelvis makes certain
jobs off limits.
Even though it’s 2014 there are still some professions that aren’t fully accepting of females. Some people would say these jobs are “naturally” suited to the strengths of men, but hey it’s 2014, women are capable of everything men are so I don’t wanna hear that horse crap. Here are the top 5 worst jobs for a woman to have:

5. Club bouncer
For some reason you just don’t see too many women working as club bouncers. Clubs always discriminate and always hire big guys. It’s a shame how they’re able to be so blatantly biased in their hiring practices. You’d think that due to affirmative action they’d have to hire a woman or a dwarf every now and then, but you just don’t see that.

Normally when you hear "bouncer" and "woman" in the same sentence you think immediately of titties and that's just wrong.

4. Cab driver
Cab driver is a notoriously male dominated profession. I don’t really understand why. I mean all you do is drive around. I’m not one of the people who think women are poor drivers I think that’s a stereotype. You see Chinese cab drivers all the time. On the same token are Hindus and Arabs spectacular drivers? If so, they’re not really represented adequately in NASCAR which has a woman by the way! So clearly the driving aspect has nothing to do with this, it’s more of the fact that most cab drivers are aggressive psychopaths. Maybe if cab drivers could bring their cats into the passenger seat you might see more female cab drivers, but until then there will always be a dearth of ladies speeding around in yellow vehicles of death.

Cabs are just advanced rickshaws and when have you ever seen a woman pulling a rickshaw? It's not fair. They should be able to do that too!

3. Plumber
Have you ever had a woman plumber? I haven’t. Women rarely become plumbers and I think it’s because they don’t want to hear all the “I’d like to clean HER pipes” jokes.

Like women don't understand plumbing systems? There's really nothing masculine about being a plumber.

2. Milkman
Has a female milkman ever existed ever? I mean the job isn’t really around anymore, but just imagine a woman as a milkman in the white outfit with the hat. It seems weird.

Women make milk naturally yet they're never milkpersons.

And the number one worst job for a woman is...

1. Construction worker
Construction workers are famous for always hooting and cat calling at women on the street so if one actually worked with them there’s a pretty good chance no buildings would ever get made. Every day at the site would just be one long sexual harassment lawsuit.

I guess they're scared of male construction workers getting distracted and falling to their deaths.

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