The Top 5 Worst Halloween Costumes For 2014

Whatever you do, don't go
as a Conehead ghost.
When it comes to picking a cool Halloween costume most people look to the news headlines and what’s trending. If you want to be on the cutting edge of Halloween costume trendiness in 2014 there are certain pitfalls you need to be careful to avoid. Here are the top 5 worst Halloween costumes for 2014:

5. Ray Rice
Now some people will argue that because Ray Rice is a monster, you should want to dress up like him on Halloween. I mean if people dress as Jason and Freddy Krueger, why not Ray Rice? While it may be true that Ray Rice is capable of being a monster, he’s not on the level of Jason or Freddy. Also, there are different rules for real life monsters. You rarely see people dressing up as Hitler and Pol Pot.

The only black eyes you should see on Halloween are on people with skeleton facepaint.

4. Homeless person
The homeless person is always a popular Halloween costume because it basically requires zero effort. The problem is that it’s just really offensive and insensitive. There’s a reason you rarely see women dressed as homeless people. Women are more empathetic toward that kind of stuff. Even if they did they’d be a slutty homeless which is slightly better. If you’re going to be a caricature of someone without a place to sleep at night why not go the extra mile and be a homeless veteran! Oh I guess you’d draw the line there wouldn’t you!

You're trying to get candy, not spare change.

3. Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson is a little higher on this board than Ray Rice simply for the fact that he beats children and Halloween is technically a children’s holiday. Trust me, the last thing a kid wants to see when that door opens while their trick or treating is Adrian Peterson. Sure he only beats his own kids, but lord knows how many that is.

Defenses aren't the only thing he whips.

2. An Isis
Again, on the subject of monsters and demons and other evil beings, you’d think Isis would be a great costume. But as I mentioned before, you rarely see people going to Halloween parties as Osama Bin Laden or Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Even though you could probably draw a perfect replica of their flag on a piece of paper with a sharpie, just don’t. Don’t be an Isis.

Normally beheadings and Halloween go hand in hand, but not this time.

And the number one worst Halloween costume choice of 2014 is...

1. Ebola patient
Halloween is all about being scary and what’s scarier than an Ebola patient? Well that sounds like a great idea until you’re actually at the Halloween party bobbing for apples and fake coughing all over people. Some people actually support the euthanization of Ebola patients along with their immediate incineration to prevent the spread of the virus. Even though that’s not likely to happen to you in America, you don’t want to take any unnecessary chances because this is a different America where pretty much anything can happen.

The TRICK this year might be coming down with Ebola.

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