Dumbass Sayings: “Don’t Adjust Your Television”

There’s a new Taco Bell commercial that does the old bit where there’s static and distortion in the picture and a voice says “Don’t adjust your television.” This bit is completely played out and has no real effect anymore. Back in Andy Kaufman’s time it worked because people would see their picture all screwed up and try to adjust the problem on their actual TV set. These days no one adjusts their television at all. If something’s going wrong with your picture nowadays it’s usually the connection. It’s going to be a problem with the digital signal from your provider. Even if you wanted to “adjust” your television what the hell can you do? With old CRT TVs you could turn all sorts of knobs and flick switches and push buttons, slap it, punch it, kick it, put tin foil on it in different arrangements. With LED and LCD TVs these days there’s very little to adjust. The TV is going to do what it wants to do. TV’s are smarter than most people these days so this cliche thing of “Don’t adjust your television” should stop. It’s outdated, it makes no sense anymore, and it’s just lazy. Come up with a new idea for a commercial.

Don't adjust your TV, there's really a Native American meant to be there for no reason.

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