Ask McFartnuggets: “What Does The American Ebola Outbreak Mean For Me?”

Could this be the
new dollar sign?
Dear McFartnuggets: 
With Ebola set to spread around America and soon the world, what does this mean for my personal financial situation? What can I do to make sure I survive this epidemic and are there any ways to benefit from it? -- Gina from New Salisbury, Indiana

Well, an Ebola outbreak in America would definitely be bad news for most people’s finances. The stock market would likely plummet as the national economy froze thanks to basically everyone having to stay at home to avoid getting or spreading the virus. However, there are some opportunities to make money in the event Ebola does grip the country and world. First, Invest in medical tech companies. When Ebola starts getting completely out of control, hospitals are going to get really desperate and will try all the experimental drugs they can. There is a chance one of these experimental drugs could wind up curing the Ebola and its company’s stock would skyrocket through the roof. Look for companies that make protective clothing and Ebola biohazard suits. Also, invest in businesses that help people avoid human interaction like Facebook, Amazon, and food delivery services. If you play this right, Ebola could be the jumpstart to your financial portfolio that you’ve been waiting for!

The Jobs and Wozniak of Ebola.

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