The Top 10 Weirdest Names For A Grandpa To Have

Your grandpa should never
have a trendier name than you.
As the kids of hippies grow up into adults and older adults and eventually have grandchildren, you’re going to see a lot more grandparents with ridiculous names. I say ridiculous because they’re the types of names that are really only suitable for babies and children. These people had parents who did not have proper foresight and really only thought of a “baby name” as opposed to a “human” or “adult” name that could last a person their whole life. Here are the top 10 weirdest names for a grandpa to have:

10. Todd
Todd just sounds goofy. It’s less of a name and more of the sound someone makes when they’re choking on a piece of ham. Grandpa Todd just doesn’t sound right. I think it’s because the word toddler has Todd in it and toddlers are babies so it doesn’t work when attached to an old person.

9. Gavin
Gavin is a kids’ name and it would be higher on this list if it wasn’t for the alliteration. Grandpa Gavin doesn’t sound all that bad, but the idea of an elderly man named Gavin is terrible.

8. Ethan
Ethan isn’t really a grandfather’s name. It’s best suited for a teenager who skateboards a lot and huffs spray paint.

7. Kyle
Kyle is an older name that people have had a chance to get used to. You might know an old guy named Kyle by now. That being said it still doesn’t seem right when applied to someone with grey hair. It’s a classic surfer name. Maybe there are Grandpa Kyles but they’re 40 in a trailer park with their 25 year old kids.

6. Landon
Landon is arguably not a good name for a baby, child, or adult. It’s an English name that means “From the long hill.” Why would you ever name a kid that? What worthwhile symbolism could that possibly hold?

5. Caleb
Grandpa Caleb. Just say that to yourself. That’s now how life is supposed to work. You’re supposed to have Grandpa Frank’s and Grandpa George’s.

4. Lucas
If you have a grandpa named Lucas you probably call him Grandpa Luke because that at least sounds a little credible. Actually, no. It doesn’t. It sounds like a pothead who makes hemp rope necklaces.

3. Aiden
Aiden is a name with some history and if you’re Irish or Scottish you probably have Grandpa Aidens walking around. In America however, that’s still going to take awhile to get used to since it’s more of a trendy hipster name at this point.

2. Cameron
Lucas, Cameron, Landis, Scorsese, basically if you have a famous director’s last name as a first name it’s hard to take you seriously.

And the number one weirdest name for a grandpa is...

1. Jayden
I just can’t get used to grandpas named Jayden. Something is going to happen to these kids. Nature won’t allow them to grow into elderly people. Jayden is not an adult’s name. It’s just not.

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