Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Does My iPhone 6 Bend?”

Bendy phones will be the
next big fad.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I got a new iPhone 6 Plus a week ago and I’ve noticed that it’s starting to bend a little from being in my pocket. Why is this happening? Is this normal? -- Brent from Huntsville, Alabama

Dear Brent:
This is a fairly common issue people have been having. It’s just due to the type of aluminum the Chinese children are using to make them. As long as you don’t snap it in half the phone should continue to function as usual. In fact, because curved smartphones are an actual design that’s bound to become popular soon, look at the LG G Flex. You’re actually one of the first lucky people to own a custom curved iPhone. The nice thing is it’s totally unique to you. No two iPhones will bend the same. I’m sure the iPhone 7 or 8 will wind up being curved on purpose. I don’t see why people see this as a bad thing. The iPhone is just bending naturally to match the contour of your pocket to more seamlessly become a part of you. Maybe one day phones will be made out of a wiggly gelatin that bends all the time so that it can conform to any pocket.

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