Dumbass Sayings: “I Hate Losing”

Sometimes you run into a person who claims to be “Super competitive.” They tell you about all the trophies they’ve won in their lives and they say “I’m uber competitive! I always try to win at everything! I HATE LOSING! I can’t stand it!” Really? You hate losing? Let me guess you also hate dying, use your legs to walk, and enjoy drinking water? I hate to break it to you, but hating to lose doesn’t make you unique. That’s the standard, basic, average reaction to losing. Bragging about hating losing is like bragging about having rods and cones in your eyeballs or urinating out of your genitals. Aside from a few weirdos out there, mostly everyone feels the same way. That’s why losing is called losing, because you lose. Hating losing is like loving winning. You don’t need to mention it. You wouldn’t go around telling people you love winning and enjoy pleasure because that would sound like you were smashed in the head with a hammer as a child. Yet, people are allowed to say they hate losing and that’s considered acceptable? That doesn’t make sense.

"I hate losing and I love happiness!"

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