Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do People Believe in Karma?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
If karma was real wouldn’t every good person who volunteered to do charity work end up becoming a millionaire? Or if karma was real wouldn’t Hitler have died much sooner of a heart attack or stroke? Obviously karma is a load of crap. It’s crazy that anyone with a brain could believe in this stuff. Oh no I’m getting chest pains! Haha just kidding… -- Oliver from Moorhead, Minnesota

Dear Oliver:
I think a lot of people believe in karma because they want their actions to have some sort of benefit to themselves. A lot of people can’t simply do something good, they want to do something good so they get the karma. They believe the good karma will benefit them which in itself is a reason the karma should be neutralized. That’s the reason I think karma doesn’t work for a lot of people. You don’t get credit for shit you do if you’re only doing it to cover your own ass with good karma. You receive good karma only for things you do because you’re a good person and if you completely ignore the idea of karma. As far as bad karma goes, it’s possible that it simply doesn’t exist. I think we’ve seen enough proof to arrive at that conclusion. If negative karma was real we wouldn’t need jails, murderers would instantly drop dead instead of being able to run away and elude police. So don’t worry about karma, if it does exist it’s occurring in the background of life and any attempts to manipulate it will be fruitless.

Only a truly enlightened person sees life as an endless knot of bullshit.

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