Dumbass Song Lyrics: “Let Me See What Spring is Like on Jupiter and Mars”

In the 1954 song “In Other Words” written by Kaye Ballard and Bart Howard, the singer says “Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.” The song is sung from the perspective of one person talking to another person that they love. You can tell this was written before people had any real understanding of the solar system. Obviously spring or any season for that matter would be absolutely horrifying on Jupiter and Mars. There’s no way you can compare a positive relationship with a person to life on any of the other planets. Unless you enjoy choking to death on Carbon Dioxide with minus 80 degree temperatures on Mars or sinking into a liquid nitrogen surface in minus 234 degrees on Jupiter, this would be a poorly thought out desire. To me that sounds like a very icy, unstable, distant, and smothering relationship. That’s usually everything people DON’T want to see when they’re dating someone.

Everyone loves Spring on Jupiter! All the flowers bloom and the birds chirp, just kidding it's a windy desert of poison death.

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