Dumbass Sayings: “Highway Robbery”

Whenever you hear someone at a garage sale complaining about the price of a used dildo they scream “EIGHT DOLLARS???!!! THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY!” Right, because that’s a thing. When was the last time you heard of someone getting robbed on the highway? If highway robbery was a realistic threat then people would keep guns in their cars for something other than road rage and the instances of roadside shootings would skyrocket because everyone would have a gun in their car. How does someone even rob you on the highway? Do they pull you over and take your wallet? Obviously they don’t take your car because then that would just be called “Carjacking” and no one looks at the price of an avocado at the farmers market and says “This is carjacking!” Why is highway robbery such a bad thing? As they’re driving away you can memorize their license plate and turn them in. Being mugged on the street is worse than that because all you can do is give a physical description of the person which almost always results in the police questioning and harassing the wrong people. If anything the term “Highway robbery” should be used to mean something that very rarely occurs. For example if you see a shooting star you can say “Hey that’s highway robbery! Except now I’ve seen a shooting star. I’ve never seen anyone get robbed on the highway though!”

Don't drive on a highway at night unless you have the doors locked!

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