The Top 5 Best Ways To Reuse Old Maxi Pads

The social media movement #RecycleYourUsedPeriodPads is gaining a lot of traction these days as people are becoming more environmentally conscious about their maxi pads. Women are beginning to realize that you can’t just throw this stuff in the trash. There are lots of different, inventive uses for old maxi pads (once they’ve been washed off) and here are the top 5:

5. Fashion them into diapers.
If you’ve got a baby or you’re just someone who’s incontinent, you can sew together your old maxi pads to make diapers. They’re basically the same thing so why waste extra money on fresh diapers and throw even more waste into some landfill? Obviously if you have toxic shock syndrome or a yeast infection you’re not gonna want to give the maxi pad diapers to your baby, but otherwise there shouldn’t be a problem.

Diapers are a huge expense for parents. A needless expense.

4. Make them into elbow and knee pads.
Lots of people ride bicycles now to be more environmentally conscious. One thing you don’t see enough is people riding with the proper safety equipment. When was the last time you saw a bicyclist wearing elbow or knee pads? Those are a pain to wear and can be costly so why not just make you own out of old maxi pads and duct tape?

Can normal knee pads absorb the blood from an injury? I don't think so.

3. Bubble wrap substitute.
Bubble wrap and other packing materials are pure waste that takes forever to degrade in a landfill. Why buy that crap when you can just tape some old maxi pads around your old iPod that you’re selling on eBay? You want it to break do you? That would hurt your seller rating!

At least pack with something that has a use before and or after the shipping.

2. Sleeping mask.
Getting your beauty sleep is important and a huge part of beauty sleep is wearing a mask over your eyes to keep the light out. Why waste money on expensive sleeping masks when you can just attach some twine to either side of an old maxi pad and use that to cover your face? People sleep with cucumber slices on their eyes for god sake so don’t worry about looking stupid.

Midget bras also work quite well.

And the number one way to recycle your old maxi pads is...

1. Use them as shoe insoles
Companies like Dr. Scholls make millions selling comfortable shoe inserts and insoles to help cushion people’s feet. Well they’d probably be really mad if people realized they could have been putting old maxi pads in their shoes this whole time. It’s basically the same thing as a cushioned insole but for a fraction of the cost. Hell you can even use new maxi pads and that way you have two emergency pads on you at all times without having to take up space in your purse. Yeah I know, this is going to change the way you live your life. You’re welcome.

The next time someone asks you "Are you gellin?" You can say "No, I have used period pads in my shoes."

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