Dumbass Sayings: “Seeing Eye To Eye”

Sometimes when you’re discussing ground rules before a big orgy you get into a dispute with another orgy participant about what’s gonna go down. She says “I’m sorry one of us is going to have to leave. We’re just not seeing eye-to-eye here! I don’t do that! I’m allergic to tomato paste!” Of course we’re not seeing “eye to eye”! Have you ever pressed your eyeball directly against someone else’s before? It’s a little difficult to pull off because your noses get in the way, not to mention our orgy masks! But if you position yourself properly and push your eye into another person’s eye that’s called literally being eye-to-eye. Believe it or not, when you’re in this position it’s very difficult to see. There’s usually no light left in that space for anything to be visible. Even if you could see it’d just be the other person’s eyeball. What is achieved by seeing that way? What does vision have to do with any discussion? Like blind people can’t ever negotiate and agree on things? You can be seeing ass to mouth and still get a deal done with someone!/; People who talk about “Seeing eye to eye” clearly have never achieved this position otherwise they’d know that saying is a bunch of frog’s balls.

You wanna go?! Make a move, bitch!

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