The Top 5 Women’s Sports That Are Better Than The Men’s Version

In almost all instances, the male version of sports are the ones people want to pay to see. This can be attributed to an increase in speed, size, strength, and overall skill level as it relates to the manipulation of balls. However, there are some sports where the women’s version is actually much more entertaining to watch. Here are the top 5 women’s sports that are better than the men’s version:

5. Softball
Watching grown men play softball is sort of depressing. The underarmed whirling pitch motion looks more natural for a woman. A man would just look silly throwing like that. Softball was seemingly invented as a women’s version of baseball so it’s like a bizarro version of baseball where men are at a disadvantage.

No man should ever be making this throwing motion.

4. Volleyball
Does men’s volleyball even exist? Who would watch that? The movie “Top Gun” featured the only instance of men’s volleyball that anyone has ever wanted to see. Women’s college volleyball is relatively popular due to the short shorts they wear, but men playing volleyball in college is almost absurd. Who gives scholarships for something like that?

Women are a lot better at smacking balls for some reason.

3. Synchronized Swimming
Synchronized swimming is kind of like aquatic cheerleading. Any sport is a little less masculine when water is added so when you add water to choreographed dancing that’s strictly female territory.

Even women have a hard time making this sport look socially acceptable.

2. Rhythmic Gymnastics
You know that thing where a woman dances around with a ribbon? It’s not even that much fun to watch when a woman is doing it. I’m not even sure there is a male version of rhythmic gymnastics, but if there is, it’s probably even less popular than a woman’s football league is less popular than the NFL.

No you're not having a stroke, this is the Olympic logo for Rhythmic Gymnastics.

And the number one women’s sport that’s better than the male version is….

1. Pole Dancing
Yes I consider pole dancing a sport. It’s certainly more athletic and competitive than Chess, Curling, Billiards, Archery, or Darts which are all considered sports. It’s basically like gymnastics for women of the night. The whole idea of pole dancing is meant to be phallic so it looks a little more natural when a woman does it. I’ve pole danced before and it just felt awkward for everyone involved. Then I was subdued and banned from the strip club for life, but before that it really made my arms burn so that’s how I know it takes athletic prowess.

It's one of the only sports that can take place inside an actual trailer.

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