Dumbass Sayings: “The Night is Still Young”

Sometimes you’re at the club dancing with a really tall lady and one of your friends says “I think that’s a dude” and as you go to leave, you hear a deep voice yell “Where are you going? The night is still young!” Why does the night’s age matter? What kind of pervert can only enjoy a night if it’s young? Personally I prefer a mature night that has a few hours under its belt. Too many people go after the really young nights and get themselves in some serious trouble with the law. It’s important to pace yourself when you’re out partying. If you’re too concerned with enjoying a young night you might snort too much too early. Then you’re running around all hopped up on drugs and it’s only 7 PM. What are you supposed to do with the rest of the night? Obviously nothing good is going to happen there. You’re just going to end up doing even more drugs and be damn near overdosing before midnight when everyone else is just getting started. That’s why you should always let a night age a little otherwise you make everyone feel awkward. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a middle aged night or even an older night in its twilight hours.

When you see a sunrise it means night is officially dead of old age.

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