Dumbass Sayings: “Rest in Peace”

When someone dies people usually tell them to “Rest in peace.” This is an odd thing to say. Assuming they get the message, it’s a little redundant. You can’t rest in chaos. Resting implies peace. And who are you to tell a dead person’s spirit what to do? If they want to fly around all willy nilly that’s their choice and they should be free to do that. Not everyone wants to “rest in peace.” Where’s the fun in that? You expect people to die and just sleep for the rest of eternity? That’s a little ridiculous. I would actually hope that eventually someone wakes them up and they get to enjoy their afterlife a little more than just being unconscious for eons and eons. Sure have a nap for a couple million years, but eventually you should explore the cosmos and take full advantage of the afterlife. If you’re telling someone to “rest in peace” you’re presuming there is an afterlife where people can lounge around. If you believed that people just die and that’s it then there’s no point to ever say “rest in peace.” If we just die then that’s all there is and there’s no resting, there’s no peace. You’re just dead and that’s it, in which case there’s really nothing to say to this person because there’s literally no way they’ll ever get the message. At that point the only reason to say things is to comfort the loved ones by saying things like “We’ll miss him or her.”

This is about as peaceful as you can get.

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