Dumbass Sayings: “A Handful”

Sometimes when Janice at work is talking your brain into an aneurysm she says “Oh boy the twins are a handful!” Now that might make sense if Janice was talking about her breasts, but her breasts are way more than a handful so I have to assume she’s talking about her kids. Your kids are a “handful”? Oh so in other words they’re completely 100% manageable? If something is a handful then that quite literally means you can handle it. If you can hold something in your hand then you have a decent grasp on it. Now if something was “more than a handful” and was flowing over the sides of your palm then that would connote something more chaotic and turbulent like your horrible children. Would you prefer children who were less than a handful? What’s a well behaved child? A drop? Does that make a damn bit of sense? Children aren’t fluid or breasts, so lets stop it with the handful denotations.

Here's a handful of blue raspberry flavored butt plugs.

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