Dumbass Sayings: “Final Four”

In the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the semifinal round is referred to as the “Final Four.” If they’re the “Final Four” then shouldn’t all four teams win the championship? Of course they’re not the FINAL four. They’re the SEMIFINAL Four. The word “final” means ultimate and conclusive. There is nothing conclusive about a semifinal round. The conclusion and decision of the tournament comes in the next game: the final round. Just because the tournament lasts almost a damn month doesn’t mean when you get down to the last four teams it’s over. I know when you start off with sixty eight things by the time you get down to four you think it’s basically over and you can start packing up your shit to go home, but it’s not finished yet. We go from the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8 to the Final 4, but it should be the Fantastic Four and the Final Two leading to the Ultimate One. Otherwise if you have the Final Four, what the hell is the step after that? Obviously there’s more left so you can’t call it final.

I hear they have a version of March Madness in Iran, it's called Always.

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