Dumbass Sayings: “Long Time No See”

Sometimes when you run into an old blind friend you say “Long time no see” and he says “Yeah tell me about it…” I don’t know what it is about seeing someone you haven’t seen in a few years that turns people into cavemen all of a sudden. Why don’t people just continue this type of talking and go “Long time no see. You good? Me good. Fun see you. Me work at new place now, better there. What you do? Sound fun. Good bye.” Now if you actually did that people would stare at you like you’re a fucking moron, but for some reason saying the first part of that is completely fine. I suppose speaking broken English is only acceptable for one sentence. After that, you’re expected to have regained your composure and speak in complete, grammatically correct sentences. It just boggles my mind that decades ago some guy ran into someone he didn’t really want to see like his old college roommate who recently had a sex change, he awkwardly said “Gordon! Long time, no see…” and that took off as a phrase. That seems ridiculous to me.

Unless you're an elderly blind person, don't say "Long time no see."

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