Dumbass Slogans: “Care Makes a Man Stronger”

Dove has a new slogan “Care makes a man stronger” to promote their male hygiene products. What kind of nonsense horsecrap lie is this! Who honestly believes the sentence “Care makes a man stronger”? Let’s say you abduct two adult male twins, you put one in a cabin in the woods and let him live in the wilderness for a year and you put the other in a luxury resort where he gets spa treatments every day for a year. Then you lock them in an electrified cage and force them to fight to the death with their bare hands. Who do you think is gonna win? BE HONEST. I think it’s safe to say the twin who’s been living in the woods chopping trees down and fighting off bears is going to have a lot more killing force along with killer instinct than the guy who’s been getting pedicures and keratin hair treatments. Men are always told that “pain is weakness leaving the body” so pleasure and care must then be weakness entering the body or at least strength exiting it. When you’re being cared for you definitely lose a manly edge to your disposition. This is the reason married men are typically nutless pussies compared to single homeless dudes who eat live rats to survive. Married men might be Dove’s demographic with this slogan, but that doesn’t make what they’re saying correct.

Care doesn't make a man stronger, wall pushups do.

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