Dumbass Sayings: “What Are You Looking At?”

Sometimes when you’re staring at someone at Starbucks for a really long time they’ll close their laptop and say “What are you looking at?!” What am I looking at? Apparently I’m looking at someone who doesn’t know what they are. Are they asking me or are they asking themselves? People should be saying “Who are you looking at?” What is wrong with these people that they can’t even identify themselves as a WHO and not an IT? Maybe I’m looking at them because of how insecure they are. Of course they know I’m looking at them. Who else could I possibly be looking at? Is their vision that bad? These people make me sad because they’re clearly having some self-identity issues. When people look at me I never ask “What are you looking at?” Because I know. I know they’re looking at one badass mofo and I don’t blame them. Soak it in. A confident person never asks “What are you looking at?” They simply say “Enjoy the view while you can, before the greatness cauterizes your eyeballs.”

"You got a problem, bitch? Do you wanna take this outside?!"

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