The Top 5 Other Things You Should Never Judge A Book By

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but they don’t mention the other things you should never judge a book by. You really shouldn’t be judging books to begin with, you either enjoy a book or you don’t, there’s no need for aspersions. If you absolutely must judge a book always make sure to ignore the following criteria:

5. Price
They say some of the best things in life are free, well some of the best books in life are free, at the library. Just because a book has a high price or it’s being sold dirt cheap doesn’t mean it’s any more or less of a book. Sometimes people value new books higher than old books, it has nothing to do with the quality of the book, that’s just how society treats new releases that have a buzz surrounding them.

How does one even value a book?

4. Amazon reviews
A lot of people judge books by their Amazon reviews and that’s not appropriate. Just because a book speaks to a certain person in a way doesn’t mean that’s how it will speak to you. A book being shunned by everyone might still resonate with you and so you can’t be too quick to judge based on the opinion of others.

What if people got reviews? Would you believe those without meeting the person?

3. The blurb
Sometimes you’ll see a book with a nice big fat blurb and you’ll become very interested in learning more. Then you find out the book isn’t actually that interesting beyond the backside. Some books make a living relying on their blurb and use it to sucker people in while their inner contents leaves a lot to be desired.

Like this, most blurbs make no goddamn sense.

2. Title
Judging a book by its name is one of the dumbest things someone can do. What the book’s parent decided to call it really doesn’t affect anything. It may give you an idea of the author’s intellect, but most times a title can be treated as something entirely independent of the actual story.

If you buy this thinking it's about psalmboken you're in for a big surprise.

And the number one thing you should never judge a book by (aside from the cover) is...

1. The color of the author’s skin
Great books have been written by people of all colors, races, and religions. Even if a book is written in a different language, you can always find a translated version and enjoy that. Don’t just ignore books because they come from a strange different type of person, sometimes those are the most intriguing books due to their unique perspective.

Would you believe this person wrote the book "A Sista's Definitive Guide To Pleasing Your Man"?

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