Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Don’t They Make Planes Out of the Black Box Material?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
When a plane crashes they always try to find the black boxes that tell them what happened on the plane before it crashed. The black boxes can survive a crash so why how then they don’t just make the whole planes out of what the black boxes are made out of? -- Yvonie from Chickasaw County, Mississippi

Dear Yvonie:
Even if we were to assume plane manufacturers could make an indestructible plane shell that was light enough to fly, humans aren’t made of electronics like the innards of a black box. In a plane crash, people inside the black box plane would just smash into the black box material and die. You’d open the door of the intact plane and there’d just be broken, mangled corpses everywhere. Now if having the plane survive is your only goal then sure, make the plane out of the black box. I suppose that would help them keep track of remains for the families. As long as the safety of passengers is the prime objective, an indestructible plane is not a real solution. As with the actual black box, a black box plane would only be helpful in the aftermath of a tragic crash after it’s too late.

Yeah I'm sure everyone inside of that would have lived...

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