Dumbass Sayings: “Undying Love”

Sometimes you read one of your ex-wife’s Facebook posts about her new boyfriend and how they have an “undying love.” There’s really no way to tell if your love is capable of dying or not. Usually it is. Ultimately, when you die your love dies with you. You can’t really keep loving when you’re a corpse. Let’s propose for a moment there is an afterlife and you can continue to love in Heaven or Hell. That would mean that no one actually truly dies so that would mean death isn’t real so the fact your love is “undying” isn’t much to brag about. Of course, most people consider death a real thing so you can’t truly say with full confidence that your love is undying. You would need to fully believe in the idea of an afterlife and that you wouldn’t leave the person you love for all eternity. You know how long eternity is? I don’t care how much you love someone, 750 million years in you probably get a little sick of each other and think “Hey maybe I’ll go ask Joan of Arc on a date or maybe a try banging a young Mother Theresa.” Meanwhile your wife is off making out with Johnny Cash or a dinosaur. I’m just saying undying, eternal love is a bit of an overstatement.

Your love should die with the person otherwise there's a good chance you'll be arrested for necrophilia.

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