Dumbass Sayings: “Everyone Gets Knocked Down, What Matters is How Quick You Get Back Up”

Football coaches love saying “Everyone gets knocked down, what matters is how quick you get back up!” It sounds inspirational and it’s sometimes true, but it’s not the right message to be sending to football players, children, or anyone really. If you get knocked down due to a severe blow to the head, most people know it’s best to stay down and remain immobile. When someone gets hit in the head you’re told never to move them or else you risk doing even more damage to their brain. One of the biggest mistakes that athletes make is after suffering a concussive hit to the head is jumping right back up to their feet. They want to appear tough and don’t want the coach to take them out of the game so they keep playing. When you get up too fast and pretend like nothing happened the next hit could cause catastrophic, potentially fatal injury. Even if there isn’t another hard hit, the mere running and accelerated physical activity which seems normal can cause more brain swelling and lead to serious complications. So yes everyone gets knocked down, but if you got knocked down by the head then take your time getting up. Time is your friend. Be patient or you could end up being a patient in a brain hospital somewhere.

Don't get right up. Take your time and collect yourself.

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