Dumbass Sayings: “Are You Okay?”

Sometimes when you’re drunk at work and accidentally trip over a coworker’s child on “Take your kid to work day” people are like “Are you okay?” What kind of question is that, of course I’m okay. This is one of the most overused, pointless phrases in the English language. It’s really just a polite obligation. If you see someone get a paper cut or have a door smash them in the face, even when you know they’re fine you have to say “Are you okay?” anyway and pretend to be concerned. My problem with this saying is if you can ask “Are you okay?” then 100% of the time they are okay. Generally people will tell you or make it blatantly obvious when they’re not okay. People are generally not okay when you see a limb missing with tons of blood loss or they’re unconscious on the ground. In those instances you can bypass the questionnaire. You don’t run up to a fiery car accident and go “Is everyone okay?” You just throw the bodies over your shoulders and run to a safe distance as the cars explode. That’s what I would do anyway, I don’t know maybe I’m wrong here.

Most people ask "Are you okay?" then try to leave when you tell them about how you're crying on the inside all the time. Either you want to know or you don't!

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