The Top 5 Best “Kids React To...” Videos of the Future

For those who don’t know there’s a channel on YouTube that records the surprised reactions of modern day children to old concepts like land line telephones and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This concept led me to wonder, what types of videos will they do in the future? We don’t really know what the future holds anymore. We used to think the future would be full of flying cars and time travel. Now our best guess is the planet will slowly become a bubbling sulfur shit cauldron and maybe just maybe we’ll have clouds of rogue swarming all around observing and controlling our lives. So here are the best 5 “Kids React To…” videos of the future:

5. Kids React to NASA
The Moon landing in 1969 took our imaginations to new heights and subsequently our hopes were raised too high as well. Since then NASA has declined steadily despite our increase in understanding space and technology. Space exploration has gradually garnered less and less interest from people to the point where it’s not a high budget priority. If this trend continues there will be no NASA and those little future kids are going to be shocked at a world who thought it could fly into space.

People used to send four-headed dildos into outer space?

4. Kids React to Illegal Drugs
One continuing trend as we go into the future is the decriminalization of narcotics. As people realize how dangerous legal prescription medications are, the currently illegal street drugs tend to look safer. It’s really only a matter of time before a bunch of kids hopped up on Cocaine are giving their hyperactive takes on a world that used to send people to jail for snorting rails. They’ll likely see it the way we currently view alcohol prohibition in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

In the future they'll still use sniffer dogs, but just to make sure it's the good shit.

3. Kids React to a Someone Without Autism
A highly controversial development is the spread of Autism. Combined with the ubiquity of social media and technology that makes it unnecessary to ever look another person in the eyes and speak to them in order to survive, autism will only spread more. There may come a time when there’s no one without a form of autism. The autistic children of the future will watch videos of people engaging in conversations and smirk wryly at the goofy clowns of the past who still had to rely on vocalizations and facial expressions to communicate rather than emojis.

It's really only a matter of time.

2. Kids React to a World Without Zombies
A zombie apocalypse may not be too far ahead. When you say the word “zombie” people think living dead monsters eating brains, but if you broaden the definition of zombies, we could actually become the braindead cannibalistic zombies we fear. If technology is ever to enslave us then it would be in its best interest to make us dumb like zombies. Then before you know it we’re in the Matrix being fed liquified human remains. That sounds like a zombie to me! Or we could just go to the traditional zombie route with a virus or botched vaccine, cancer cure, etc.

Oh sorry Amanda is out on her lunch break.

And the number one best “Kids React To…” video of the future is...

1. Kids React to Intact Polar Ice Caps
Polar ice is melting at an amazing rate these days and one day unless something miraculous occurs, they’ll be almost entirely gone and all of civilization will have to migrate inward to avoid drowning on the coasts. The resulting chaos should be horrific, but providing we survive that, one of the best “Kids React” videos will surely be featuring fully formed arctic ice sheets with a cameo from polar bears.
Remember when people didn't need gills or chlorophyll to survive?

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