Dumbass Sayings: “Costing an Arm and a Leg”

Sometimes you’re in the Walmart waiting on line and the old lady in front of you is ranting saying “Ten dollars for a box of tampons?! This is costing me an arm and a leg!” For some reason expensive things are said to “cost an arm and a leg” but how come nothing ever just “costs an arm”? I think that’d be excessive enough. Why not just throw all the limbs in there? If we’re exaggerating why not just go all the way and say “This is costing me both arms and both legs!” Hell why even stop there? Say “This is costing me all my limbs, my genitals, AND MY HEAD!” Why do we draw the line at an arm and a leg? Is that the amount of excessive payment people feel like they can still live with, but will complain about? Your arm and your leg are GONE. How is that okay? No one would agree to that. If that was the cost of a box of tampons you wouldn’t even comment you would just leave before the guy with the machete wanted to take a down payment. This is a completely ridiculous statement to make. The only slightly similar saying that would make sense is to say “This is going to cost me my feet!” when you’re buying really sugary foods and drinks, because you know, diabetes.

That suit used to cost an arm AND a leg, but it was on sale.

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