Dumbass Sayings: “Pep Rally”

When a school sports team is gearing up for a big game they usually have a “pep rally” with the students and faculty beforehand. Why they still call it a “pep rally” is beyond my comprehension. When is the word “pep” used in any other context besides “pep rally”? You never hear a player talking to his teammates during a timeout when they’re down 10 with two minutes to go saying “Man, we need to start playing with more PEP!” No, if a player said that then their team would most likely lose. The other players would look at him and say “Did this sumbitch just say pep?” Yet when it’s a “pep rally” that’s fine. Deep down I think everyone feels weird about going to a “pep rally.” It’s an old fashioned phrase. You may as well go to the malt shoppe afterward and then rent a tape from Blockbuster. I know you should never hate on anything without providing an alternative so why not call them “heat up meet ups” or something that sounds a little more modern. Yeah I know that sounds like what you might call a Tinder orgy, but at least it’s going with the times.

Instant pep rallies.

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