12/12/12: What Does It Mean?

Everyone's going crazy because the date is 12/12/12. Wow that's a lot of 12's! THREE OF THEM! I'm scared! It is mildly interesting when you see things like that, but most people neglect to realize that the year is 2012 so there's a 20 in there we just choose to ignore for convenience. Could you imagine how people would be reacting if it was 12/12/1212? I wonder how the people on that day felt. Odds are they didn't give a shit at all. Twelve isn't even a good number! Whose lucky number is 12? 12 is not even in the top 10 symbolic numbers of all time. And what pisses me off is these people who think the Mayan apocalypse is coming on 12/12/12. It's 12/21/12, jackass! Get your story straight! But 12/12/12 means nothing. If you're going to just ignore the 20 in 2012 then why not be blown away when it's 10/01/2001? That's three 1's and four 0's! Creepy! Were people going nuts on 02/02/2002? I don't recall that. If someone said "Hey 2/2/2!" you would spinning heel kick them in the eye socket because that's stupid.

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