NY Post Exploits Subway Murder on Front Page

The Tuesday Dec. 4th 2012 issue of the New York Post had the photo of a man about to be run over by a subway with the headline "Doomed". The murdered, Ki Suk Han made the mistake of engaging a crazy man in an argument and was thrown onto the tracks. I think this is a sad indictment on the New York Post and society. Newspapers are going out of business so they need to publish crazier shit to get people's attention and something like a Chinese guy getting hit by a subway happens to be one of those things.

Society is to blame as well because as outraged as we all pretend to be, everyone's interested in seeing the photo. If there wasn't some urge in people to see the photo of a man about to be killed by a train then the Post wouldn't be using it. Human beings like seeing scary shit happen to other people, that's why people watched the Red Bull guy skydive from space. Had his parachute fucked up and he died on impact you can bet those photos would have been everywhere. The real lesson to be taken from all of this is if you see a crazy motherfucker mumbling to himself on a subway platform, don't talk to him, walk away from him and don't even make eye contact unless you want to be front page news on the New York Post.

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