The Hobo Given Boots By Cop Won't Wear Them

The barefoot homeless man who was given a pair of $100 Sketchers by a New York City cop is hiding them away because he says he could be killed for them. This is a disappointing result to a touching story, but it does make sense. Yes this cop should be praised for his kind act, but it was a bit short-sighted. You don't give a hobo something that people will kill him for. And because this was such a high profile story thanks to the photographer who captured the gift giving act, now this hobo has a giant-ass target on him and other hobos and crackheads will seek to destroy him for those famous boots which are now quite possibly even more valuable on eBay. When it comes to giving gifts to the homeless you have to think outside the box so to speak, and please pardon that horrible pun. I hope you will refer to my list of creative gifts to give hobos and let us end this lunacy together. Click Here For List.

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