Do Violent Video Games Inspire Mass Murderers?

I'm getting sick of old people always blaming shooting violence on violent video games. Nearly every kid plays video games nowadays so you could ask if video games cause kids to participate in winter coat drives for the homeless just as easily as you can ask if it makes them kill people. Millions of kids play violent video games and only a half a dozen end up going on shooting sprees, that's not a trend. A kid visiting the zoo could go to the chimpanzee cages and realize he wants to fuck a chimp, but that doesn't automatically mean going to the zoo makes people want to fuck chimps. Different people will react differently to different things. If there were absolutely no access to chimps for anyone then yes the number of chimp fuckings would be down to 0, but people enjoy looking at chimps and violent video games are fun.

Video games just don't really have that big of an influence on people. I played a lot of sports video games as a kid, did that mean I went out and participated in actual sports? NO. I played "The Sims" a lot too, but did I go out and get a job or talk to people walking outside my house on the front lawn until my bladder bar went red and I pissed myself on the porch? NO! A big reason you play video games is because you can do things you can't do in real life. I can't be a lesbian elf warrior in real life, so I go to a video game to do that. I can't get into a Ferrari and crash it into a gas station, so I go to a video game to do that. If they weren't blaming violent video games for shootings they'd still be blaming heavy metal music or movies which more people have decided is bullshit already.

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