Another Man Killed on NYC Subway Tracks

On Thursday December 27th, 2012 a man in Queens was reportedly murdered by being pushed onto the tracks of the 7 train by a young mumbling woman. You might remember a little while back a man died the same way after he was pushed by a mumbling man. I think the trick here is to avoid mumbling people at all costs. If you ever get into an argument with a non-mumbling person there are ways to defuse the conflict, but with mumbling people it's not over until someone's laying on subway tracks and that someone is probably going to be you. This combined with the Newtown elementary school shooting highlights the need for more mental health awareness. If you see someone mumbling to themselves the right thing to do would be to follow them around and keep an eye on their activities. Then when they're about to push someone in front of a train you can grab a hold of them and help them get the medical treatment they need. If everyone did that then I think we'd start to see these incidents of crazy folks killing people really slow down.

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  1. Maybe it's wise to keep your distance from the edge of a platform. Can't control the crazies, but can control to a certain point how safe you are.