Little Girl Gets Arm Bit by Dolphin at SeaWorld

From ABC News:

In a video taken by her father, Jillian held up the paper tray that holds the dolphin's food and moved it away from the pool. The hungry dolphin lunged toward her and bit her hand. Sea World warns guests not to move or wave the plate with the food in the air while feeding the dolphins.

The little girl who got bit by a dolphin at Sea World said today that it "really, really hurt."

"I was afraid that the dolphin might get sick because of the paper carton," she said.

"Two nights we prayed for the dolphin," said her mother Amy Thomas.

Two nights of prayer for a dolphin? And I like how it's "WE". Was it just the little girl who was praying for the dolphin? No, the entire family was pretty concerned. Where the fuck are your prayer priorities? There are humans suffering out there. There are hobos without shoes that won't wear the ones they were given because they're afraid of being killed for them! And you're going to spend two nights praying for a dolphin who is totally okay and was never in any danger at any point? I think this is why the world is so fucked up. We've got people experiencing real hardships in the world and the people who are praying are more concerned with the welfare of dolphins at SeaWorld. You know if you really gave a shit about the dolphin you would be praying he escapes that prison and ends up back in the ocean while somehow magically regaining the skills to survive in the wild. Better yet, pray for your family to have the common sense to treat dolphins with some respect and not like they're baby unicorns incapable of biting people.

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