What's Next For Frankie Muniz After Stroke?

The star of the 2000's hit Fox comedy "Malcolm in the Middle" is back in the news after being in the middle of the road suffering a 'mini-stroke' during a motorcycle ride. Now everyone's asking what he's going to do to follow that up, is a possible return to show business in the works? Rumor has it, Fox is looking into the possibility of rebooting old shows the way the Disney Channel is doing with "Girl Meets World", the continuation of "Boy Meets World" saga. Could this mean a new show called "Dewey in the Middle" where Lois and Breaking Bad have two more babies? Hey, Malcolm had a fucking stroke and he's only 27-years-old, anything's possible! Fortunately Malcolm is okay and could be a big player in the stroke awareness movement which is often forced to the sidelines by things like breast cancer and colon cancer. Is there a charity golf tournament to support Stroke research? I hope so, there should be.

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