Hornets Change Name To New Orleans Pelicans

It appears the owner of the New Orleans Hornets NBA team will be changing their name to the New Orleans Pelicans next season. Many people are criticizing this as a stupid name, but if you look around the NBA there are a lot of dumb team names so the Pelicans won't be that out of place. At least Pelicans are actual things that a team can be made of instead of conditions or fantasy concepts like Heat and Magic.

It's unfair to call any new NBA team name stupid when there's a club named the San Antonio Spurs out there. Is Spurs a cool name? They're pointy wheels at the back of a cowboy's boot for god sake! At least pelicans are animate beings. Sure pelicans aren't as intimidating as a Grizzly or a Warrior, but at least they can breathe unlike a Net or Piston or Knick (whatever the fuck that is).

If you want to criticize team names how about the Brooklyn Nets! You're naming your team after a primary piece of equipment for the sport you play. That's like a baseball team named the Brooklyn Bases. Pelicans have had a rough go of things lately. After the whole BP oil spill thing, I think naming a crappy NBA team after them is the least we can do. This also allows Michael Jordan to buy the name "Hornets" back and get rid of The Charlotte Bobcats name which was god awful too so if anything it's zero net gain for the NBA as far as shitty team names are concerned.

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