The Only REAL Cure For A Hangover

People will try nearly anything to recover from a hangover from wearing weird nutrient patches to drinking llama semen, but the fact of the matter is the best way to recover from a hangover is simply drinking water. When you wake up after a long night of drinking your urine looks like Log Cabin maple syrup and Coca-Cola for a reason, it's because you're dehydrated. Alcohol dries out the body and when you drink too much it multiplies the amount of water you should be drinking. When you go out drinking tequila all night and being a whore your body is requiring more water than usual and when you're busy being a whore: dancing, sweating and fucking, you're probably drinking less water than you normally do. So think about that, you're requiring MORE water than normal and you're drinking LESS than you normally do. That's always going to add up to a bad result. A headache is a common hangover symptom and it's also a common symptom of extreme dehydration. So the trick to beating a hangover isn't blowing a goat or eating raspberries, it's drinking pissloads of water.

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