Fun Stocking Stuffer Pranks

If you're a non-stop prankster like me then you know the holidays are the best time to goof on your family. Here are the top five best stocking stuffers to prank people with:

5). Old leftover Thanksgiving turkey stuffing - Still have stuffing from Turkey Day? Let it relive the glory of being jammed into an orifice by packing it into your grandmother's dusty old stocking, don't forget to lubricate it with gravy.

4). Used dildos - You're going to want to probably use dildos used by someone other than yourself, preferably out of the family if you are pranking family members, otherwise it could get borderline awkward real fast.

3). Gerbil fetuses - Nothing beats the cold, moist, wet feeling of gerbil fetuses in your hand for good old fashioned tactile prank. 

2). Pubic dandruff - The best is when the person being pranked thinks it's fake snow.

1). Mayonnaise - When the person finds the mayonnaise it's best to run in and start singing that Christmas song "White Christmas" with the part that goes "Mayonnaise, mayonnaise, mayonnaise be merry and briiiiight!"

There you have it! Try one or try them ALL! You're guaranteed a great holiday packed with fun!

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