Woman Whose Face Was Eaten By Chimp Gets 4 Million

How much is a human face worth? If it was eaten by a chimp, apparently four million dollars. Charla Nash, the lady who had her face destroyed by Travis the chimp was awarded 4 million dollars by the estate of her former friend who owned Travis. This is crazy when you consider the lady who spilled McDonald's coffee on her balls only won like 600k and that wasn't much stupider than fucking around with a chimp. I bet the guy who had his face eaten by that bath salts zombie is feeling pretty envious right about now. He got his face chewed off and got jack shit, this lady had a primate gnawing on her nose and gets $4,000,000.

With all this Powerball lotto fever going around I think instead of giving yourself 1 in 175,223,510 odds at 500 million you should go for 1:1 odds and befriend a crazy rich lady who has a chimp pet and then let it tear your face off. It's not that bad of a deal now that face transplant surgery has been proven to work. I mean have you seen this chick? She's smoking hot AND has four million dollars now! Insane...

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