Sex Addiction is NOT a Real Medical Disorder

What is that? A keychain?
The American Psychiatric Association's latest manual for disorders will not include Sex Addiction or Hypersexuality as a condition. If they're ever going to put sex addiction into the list of real disorders they may as well add chocoholics too. There's a difference between a real medical disorder and just not being able to control yourself when it comes to satisfying sex urges. A lot of people want sex addiction labeled as a mental disorder so they're allowed to watch porn and masturbate at work. If you're masturbating at work odds are the last thing someone will call you is a "sex addict". Usually if that's the case then there are bigger problems than an addiction to sex. When I'm masturbating at work I'm not thinking "Jesus, I'm really addicted to sex here!" I'm thinking "I hope no one comes into the break room!" Sex is supposed to be a conscious act that two or more people engage in and when people can't stop having sex that's not a disorder, that's a convenient luxury. When it's just one person masturbating that's not sex, at least that's what I've been told. Hell, if masturbation counted as sex then I'd be getting laid five times a day!

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