Do Ghosts Fart?

It's a question as old as time, can ghosts fart? I was sitting in a room alone today and all of a sudden I smelled a fart, but I know for a fact I didn't release any gas. So if I didn't then who did? You know when you've farted, even it's one of those farts where the buttcheeks aren't touching each other so there's no reverberation or friction, you can still feel the gas exiting the anal sphincter. Are these ghost farts definitive proof that ghosts exist? Or is the body capable of producing phantom farts that are incapable of being detected by the person producing them?

Update: There's apparently a gas leak in my living room and I've been advised to evacuate until further notice. But this doesn't close the book on this question yet! The mystery continues... God help anyone if I become a ghost, I will be farting all the time just to prove I'm there and maybe someone will finally unlock the truth.

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