What Does The Post Office Do with Letters To Santa?

From the U.S. Postal Service website:

This year, 2012, the Postal Service™ is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Letters to Santa Program as it continues to fulfill the dreams of children nationwide. The Postal Service has Letters to Santa programs in operation around the country. In the vast number of locations, postal employees respond to the letters by providing a written response signed by Santa. 

That's right, every year millions of letters are written and addressed to Santa Claus at the North Pole and they are torn open by postal employees and volunteers, read, and then replied to falsely AS Santa. How sickening is that! I have no idea how the postal service has gotten away with this for 100 years, it's absolutely disturbing. We all know deep down that Santa Claus DOES exist. Whether he actually delivers gifts anymore is arguable, but we know he's embodied by the Christmas spirit and there exists prehistoric evidence of a Santa Claus. Is it so difficult to fly a few cargo planes to the North Pole and drop the letters out onto the ice so that the real Santa gets them?! Think of how heartbreaking that is if Santa actually does exist and all these years the letters that children and slow adults have been writing to him have gone unread. If Santa hasn't been seen or heard from maybe that's the reason. He was waiting for his mail, got pissed off and went to another galaxy or some shit. Thanks, Postal Service! Thanks a lot!

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