Will Global Warming Cause Sea Levels To DROP?

I was talking to a schizophrenic homeless man in the park today and he said that contrary to popular belief, global warming will lead to the LOWERING of sea level. He said that as the planet warms and the Sun's rays become more intense that the heat from the Sun will evaporate ocean water at a much faster rate, negating any rise caused by the melting of the ice caps. I was befuddled. I had honestly never considered that possibility, but I sincerely doubt he had his math correct. Surely the amount of sea water produced by the melting of the polar ice caps would still be enough to make a negative impact on human life. Plus, when water evaporates it doesn't just disappear! It turns into vapor and becomes rain that goes right back into the ocean. And even if by some chance this hobo was correct in his theory, the oceans will still heat up and the hotter water gets the more potential for catastrophic storms. There's no real way to justify climate change as a good thing I don't care how many dogs you scream at every day.

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