Why Does Asparagus Make My Urine Smell Funny?

One of the main questions people ask me is "Why does asparagus make my urine smell funny?" First off, what are you doing smelling your urine and laughing at it? That's the real problem if you ask me! And if you're not laughing then it doesn't smell funny it smells strange. And let's be honest, when DOESN'T urine smell strange? I don't know why people are confused about this. When you eat something it goes through your body and then it comes out. If you ate asparagus it shouldn't be a big shocker when your urine smells like asparagus. If you ate asparagus and your urine smelled like rotten trout, then I'd be worried. Then you should ask people why asparagus makes your pee smell horrifying. But as long as your urine just smells "funny" I would say don't ask why just appreciate the humor, get your head right up close to the bowl and enjoy the comedy!

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